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*Photos from our trip to COSTA RICA!!!!

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*Butterflies fly free exhibit at the Botanical gardens!

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*Do you like gardening? Check out my photos from Montreal's Mosaiculture exhibits!




Last update February 12th, 2011

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by! I hope you will enjoy my website! My name is Darren James Sturrock aka DJ/DEEJ, I am 31 and live in Montreal, Quebec. My fantastic wife Stephanie and I have three children, Haley, Savannah and Autumn. I am a watercolor artist who specializes in tropical animals and orchids, please visit my artwork gallery! When I am not painting or running after my rugrats, I'm usually caught gazing into my Orchid collection or Chameleon enclosures...and now the Dart frog vivariums!!

New painting, er, no title yet....how about "Up up and away!" LOL

22 x 30

This painting will not be available for sale until may 2011 $700

New painting, Sloth Pura Vida!

22 x30"


This painting will not be available for sale until may 2011 $700


These are a couple of cakes I made recently

Thanksgiving 2010-My turkey

 This is the second year I make Haley's favorite webkinz stuffed animal as her birthday cake. September 2010



Check out my very first mural!!!

My boss at work asked me to paint one of the walls in our newly renovated lunchroom...I had so many ideas! It was hard to choose a theme, but I decided in the end to go with what I think I am good at...birds and flowers LOL






Rusty, our male Veiled Chameleon


Doind a Mr. Burns impersonation


Mojito our Panther Chameleon